Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS).

Both Sharepoint solutions offer better document management, easy-to-use portals, data transparency, automated workflow processes, improved communications, and a high degree of data security.

SharePoint Design and Implementation Consulting

From business and technical design to implementation, our Sharepoint consultants can assist you with all phases and all tasks of a SharePoint project. We are able to provide a complete project team, or participate on an as-needed basis if you already have an internal project team and just need to augment the team with an "expert".

SharePoint Branding Services

Does your SharePoint need an extreme makeover? Our SharePoint consulting team offers complete visual customization and branding ("skinning") services by talented visual designers who are experts in the not-so-intuitive science of applying outstanding visual designs to SharePoint. We can help your SharePoint customization project with custom:

  • style sheets

  • templates

  • themes

  • site definitions

  • portal area definitions

SharePoint Server Farm Architecture Consulting

Expanding your SharePoint installation to a server farm can be a daunting task. Making sure your portal is available and responsive to local and remote users should be a primary concern to any organization. Take advantage of our Sharepoint Architects' experience in this area and avoid the many pitfalls in this type of project.

Taxonomy Development and Consulting

For many organizations, one of the most difficult tasks on a SharePoint project is to design a taxonomy strategy that addresses portal/site organization and navigation as well as an overall information architecture that specifies how content will be categorized, classified and tagged. One of the primary reasons this is difficult for many organizations is that there is no "cookbook" approach to this task that really works.

Instead, the best way to develop a taxonomy strategy and design is to pair knowledge of an organizations content with knowledge of the functionality and capabilities of the software that will be used to develop the portal/sites. Our Sharepoint consultants can help you through this process by providing expertise we have gained from working on numerous design engagements as well as our deep knowledge of the taxonomy-enabling features of SharePoint.

Custom Web Part Development:

Vertex's Sharepoint Developers can provide you with custom web parts, administrative tools and help you with other development projects. We have a team of outstanding .NET developers who develop our commercially available SharePoint add-ins that are also available to work with you to meet the specific requirements of your organization.

InfoPath Forms Development

Our InfoPath Consultants can help you to improve and automate your business processes to common business forms like timesheets, expense reports, and claim forms. You can then access and fill out these secure standardized forms using a browser on your PC, laptop, or handheld device.

How Your Business Benefits Improve Collaboration

Given today’s business environment, you probably have employees and partners spread out all over the place. Teams that collaborate often work in different locations and time zones. How to you stay efficient and productive? Collaboration infrastructure is the key – Think SharePoint Server 2007 for:

  • Content Management – Make information accessible, traceable, controlled, and easy to use for individual workers.

  • Communication – Integrate electronic communications such as email, instant messaging, and voicemail in a workflow that is tied to specific job functions.

  • Search – Enable workers to find the information they need in real-time and eliminate the need to re-create resources that already exist.

  • Workflow – Automate processes that accelerate the completion of tasks, and provide selective access to information and resources needed to complete tasks.

  • Calendaring and Scheduling – Eliminate the back-and-forth process of manually identifying participants and seeking schedule approval of resources.

Manage Regulatory Compliance

The stakes for regulatory non-compliance today are high and penalties are severe. Managing these issues can be challenging. Vertex's Sharepoint Consulting Team can configure Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 2007 to give your business the capability to easily meet some of the most prominent standards including:

  • The Sarbanes-Oxley Act which defines records retention and corporate governance

  • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which defines behaviors for healthcare providers

  • The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in the United States and the Data Protection Actin the United Kingdom which demands control of personal information

Increase Security

Virtually every company today manages a tremendous volume of data -- from sources inside and outside the company. How do you safeguard security and privacy of information in an open environment? Think Windows Sharepoint Services 2007 for:

  • Flexible, easy-to-configure security features – Includes global administration of security permissions, as well as worker’s ability to share personal documents and resources on a restricted-access basis.

  • Portals – A single platform with built-in security to integrate systems, applications, resources, and workflows according to logical work descriptions, location of workers, and group permissions.

  • Integration – Make applications and information resources accessible and secure across system boundaries and computing platforms. Allow workers to access and share information according to work processes rather than code or file type.

Our Approach

At Vertex, our Sharepoint consultants help our customers gain the information they need to find the best solution for their business. We have a proprietary methodology and many years of solution project management experience giving you end-to-end services. An Vertex Sharepoint consulting engagement will help you:

  • Document business and technical requirements

  • Lower potential costs and confusion

  • Prioritize stakeholder support

  • Manage risk

  • Set expectations

  • Facilitate communication and control

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