Website Portal

No matter how integrated and automated your business becomes, it will always be driven by the unique demands and decisions of your employees, customers, and partners. They expect immediate access to totally personalized and up-to-date information from within your business at any time and from any place.

Portals give you the ability to make your employees, customers, and partners more informed, effective, and satisfied by giving them personalized access to real-time information and letting them interact with the systems and services of your business. Portals are also an essential part of any process management, B2B integration, or Web Services initiative because they are the easiest way to efficiently route tasks and exceptions to the appropriate people as part of complex and dynamic workflows.

Vertex provides a robust portal solution that has been optimized for rapid deployment while providing the flexibility and extensibility to meet increasing demands over time. vertex's portal solution leverages a complete set of proven, B2B integration, process management, and Web Services solutions - allowing you to deploy enterprise portals that give people personalized interfaces into the entire dynamic and process-driven machine that is your business.

This is ideal for the deployment of

  • Business-to-employee portals,

  • Customer care portals,

  • Business-to-business portals,

  • and Executive dashboards.

Designing Web Portal being critical task due to interlinking of data and Designer needs through analysis  such that visitor can get maximum information through minimum clicks.